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What we found

Years of experience working with our clients, –domestic and foreign, we found there are common issues and specific domestic issues. 



Create a strategy for top-level and management in VUCA environment



Build a strong alignment across level and department, while keep the autonomy high 



Some technical approach is needed to support early realization of value of business



Agile is complex and can not be copied. Changing behavior to create agile culture, in context of domestic culture

Based on our empirical experience and millions of probing, we categorize the issues into 4 main ideas

Business Agility

Soon or later, the organization becomes, —full or half, digital organization. Business today is uncertain. The organization is not only competing with current competitors but also with future competitors. Business needs to adapt the current condition with the market and anticipate the unpredictable future by frequent releases of value. 



The old organization structure is no longer helping, it can not support the agility. To keep competitive the organization need to think and act differently. Create its own structure and culture, not copying the success story that may not suit your organization's DNA.

Technical Agility

Technology continues to grow very fast, the technology required to balance the business grows. Many technical approaches are needed to support early realization of business value. 

Agile Executives

Improving the agility by improving the people. Talking about agility is also talking about empowering people. Top-down management is not relevant anymore to create innovation, bottom-up management is the key. Changing the behavior to set up a new mindset and create a culture. Be a inspire leaders. 

The programs

Improving agility is a journey, we all knew everything that is great doesn't happen in one single night. It takes time and persistence to adopt,  some people recognized it as Transformation.

We recognized 4 levels of challenges with the training method and continues incrementally with coaching. Below are the based and common training for starting the journey.



What we deliver

  • Scrum Kanban Fundamental for IT

  • Scrum Kanban Fundamental for Business

  • Agile Leadership



What we deliver

  • Scrum Master 

  • Scrum with DevOps

  • Scrum Product Owner

  • Agile for Executives



What we deliver

  • Advance Agile Coaching

  • Advance Software Craftmanship

  • Advance Scrum with Kanban

  • Advance Scrum with UI/UX



What we deliver

  • Scaling Agility in Enterprise

  • Design Agile Organization

We also provide custom training based on your requirement, as long as it's related to improving your Agility, we are there for you. Some example custom training we had from various clients:

  • Object and Key Result (OKR)

  • Design Sprint

  • Scaling with LeSS

  • Agile Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Designing Continues Improvement and Continues Delivery (CI/CD), and many more.

That is it from us

If you want to know who we are, please continue

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