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Business Agility

Innovation is the key. Only those who have the agility to change with the market and innovate quickly will survive. – Robetrt T. Kiyosaki

The business develops in harmony with technology, quickly and massively. Business agility has become a demand for every company to be able to continue to run its business, companies that are unable to understand business agility tend to be difficult to survive.

Business agility aims to understand the core business, such as understanding what products are truly profitable, anything that has been an obstacle but is not visible or even does not recognize any business obstacles from the internal side of the company. Business agility seeks to create companies that are adaptable, more flexible and also more robust to deal with the uncertainty of world business.

Business Strategy

Study Case


One of our client asking us to help them in facilitating their business strategy for the upcoming year. They already using Scrum at the team level, and they want to keep doing it in an agile way. 

What we did

After we had briefly met, we understand the challenges, so that we agree to have a one-day meetup to craft the strategy. They invited all the top level and middle management and Adaptiva as a facilitator. Our goal is, crafting the business strategy to keep competing in the market.

Adaptiva as a facilitator using some tools and practices to keep the meeting met the goal. Some tools we use are Business Strategy Statement, Business Strategy Canvas, OKR Canvas.

Organization Agility

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