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Technical Agility

I'm not competition with anyone but myself. My goal is to improve my self.

Bill Gates



Technical agility is the ability to quickly and smoothly adapt or integrate current technology with newer, different, disruptive, expansive, or convergent technologies. There are a lot of techniques and methods for creating teams or individuals who are competent in the field of hard skill but do not know when the exact time and readiness of the team or individual in implementing it.

Not only providing technical training, we first observe the ability of the team before implementing it. Our focus is always to emphasize the right and good process, prioritizing collective intelligence so that each individual can understand his role correctly.

Increase the Team Capablities

Study Case


Our client's Scrum Team reaches the new level, talking about speed is not an issue anymore for them. A new challenge arises, "Testing is our impediments, we produce more but also more errors arise". The goal is how to produce more but fewer errors.

What we did

We introduce them to Test-Driven Development (TDD). This practice is not for the team but also for the entire stream, including an operation team. One team member asking, "Is it kind of DevOps?". Well, that quite right but too soon to make a conclusion. We replied, "It could be! Let's do it and we'll see what next practices we need to improve our quality".

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