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Organization Agility

The organizational structure we use today is over 100 years old. It was not built to be fast and agile. To succeed both in today’s world and into the future, we need to think –and act, differently.

Dr. John Kotter



The world today is increasingly difficult to predict and force organizations must be able to adapt to change. Adapting is not only about survival but also the ability of organizations to innovate quickly and deliberately respond to changes that occur but can still control risk.

Currently, organizations in Indonesia are competing to do Agile Transformation to be said to be an agile organization. Carrying out dozens of training, working together with expensive consultants to achieve agility. In fact, it is not as easy as thought, with the opinion: "Do companies have to do Agile Transformation in order to become an agile company?", It must be a fundamental question before deciding to hold dozens of training on agile.

The fact is that based on our experience, not all organizations can understand agile, not all organizations are able to adopt agile. However, we have another opinion: "To be an agile company, companies don't have to do Agile Transformation."

Transparent the Alignment

Study Case


We found that alignment is quite a common challenge in Indonesia. Our client told us their biggest challenges is to deliver the company vision to the team so they can support the company goals.

What we did

Many times we help an organization to facilitate these challenges and its behavior is different for each organization. What we did is tracking down the top strategy and make sure it is transparent for the whole organization. We continue to facilitate the OKR based on company vision and then Product Strategy Canvas. The end result is each team will have its Product Strategy Canvas and cascade to Sprint Goal. The team goal must support the OKR and Company Goal.

Technical Agility

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