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What We Do


Transferring knowledge through collective intelligence to increase the capabilities. Combination of knowing the theory and doing the practical.


Coaching is about the future, we help leaders, teams, and also organizations to achieve their goals. Side-by-side as a professional partner. 


Technolgy become the crucial domain to support agility. 

As a partner, we're going to have a collaboration to improve your knowledge and capability. We have 4 levels of what you need, starting from Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced, and Scaled.

Even most of what we do is customized training, here is the guiding level, so you can have the context of the syllabus and decide what is most suitable for your need.


01 Fundamental

For Who

This is the starting level, it's for those of you who want to know the basics level. The goal of this training is to share the knowledge and how to do it. It's good for you to validate what you may hear from another person,  you watch on YouTube, or what it should be. 

  • Scrum Kanban Fundamental for IT

  • Scrum Kanban Fundamental for Business

  • Introducing Agile Leadership

02 Intermediate

For Who

At this level, you want to bring to the next level. You already got the impact of doing an iterative process control model, the challenge getting more complex and you need to improve your capability

  • Scrum Master

  • Scrum with DevOps

  • Scrum Product Owner

  • Agile for Executives

03 Advanced

For Who

We're not talking about increasing the hard skill but also the soft skill. At this level we need collaboration from all parties to speed up the delivery, to make a better work environment, looking for other possibilities to keep and improve the agility

  • Advance Agile Coaching

  • Advance Software Craftmanship

  • Advance Scrum with Kanban

  • Advance Scrum with UI/UX

04 Scaled

For Who

More product, more team, and at some point the organization will adapt, it won't look what best for the organization in the market but "let's design our own process based on what we learn". 

  • Scaling Agility in Enterprise

  • Design Agile Organization

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