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Agile Transformation

Continues Agility Approach

Continuous Agility is not a methodology, it is an approach that we have developed from our experience for the past decade and an approach we use when guiding our customers to continuously improve their state of agility. We have a deep understanding of the psychology behind change therefore we do not install a methodology into the organization but rather help organizations to discover techniques that will improve their state of agility. Continuous Agility is Principle Driven, Evolutionary, and Holistic.

Principle Driven

Every organization needs to discover its own approach to embedding agility in itself. Having experts or consultants imposing prescriptive solutions on an organization cause resistance. Resistance slows down the whole change process and also causes change to happen momentarily. Rather than pushing or prescribing our clients certain methods, our coaching approach is principles-driven. We guide our clients to self-discover their own solution that will improve their state of agility based on the following principles:




Adult learning is different. Rather than introducing a revolutionary approach that often causes resistance and confusion, new practices that will increase agility will be introduced once the organization is mature and confident at one level. What we mean by evolutionary is we do not deliver big-bang changes. We have a roadmap towards agility that we have built over our 10 years of experience. Organizations can visualize where they are and the moment hence being more motivated to change that will increase their agility.


Most agile transformation in the market focuses on changing the Information Technology (IT) department. We think changing the IT department only is sub-optimal. From our decade of experience, partial changes to the organization are not sustainable in long term. Rather than focusing on a small scope and partially changing the organization, we will work together with our clients to measure the effectiveness of value delivery starting from the decision making until the delivery to the production environment. This way we can fine-tune the whole system's agility.

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